FuneralPrints was inspired from a unthinkable tragedy. Our printing company had been printing funeral programs & prayer cards since 1972, however it was always a slow process. Getting the design approved from multiple family members was difficult & time consuming. In April of 2014 one of our 30 year veterans wife tragically passed, without hesitation we turned the world upside down to design & print a beautiful funeral program to honor Lisa’s life. The question begged to be asked, how can we do this for everyone? We were inspired to build an on-line portal where families can quickly & affordably design their own prayer cards and memorial booklets. We spent the next few years perfecting a way to meet the needs of families for their printed funeral products. All prayer cards, funeral programs and thank you cards are printed within hours & can be delivered next day. Helping families remember their loved ones with printed keepsakes has become our top priority.