1. What to Say in a Eulogy

    Whether you are asked to or you freely choose to, giving an eulogy is one of the greatest honors you will ever receive. After all, you are summarizing your experiences with a certain person at a celebration of their life. Your words will stick with your fellow mourners for years to come. I remember the passing of my father and how one of his co-workers reflected on the fact they were flying on 9/1…Read More

  2. How to Create a Funeral Program

    You probably already recognize the importance of having funeral programs available for commemorating your deceased loved one, but you might not have the faintest clue how to go about actually creating one. What may seem like a lofty undertaking … actually is not so bad. Fear not, while the time surrounding a funeral can be full of seemingly chaos, a funeral program is one thing you need not worr…Read More

  3. Funeral Programs, Funeral Cards, & Memorial Bookmarks: A Primer

    The schematics of <a href="http://everhere.funeralprints.com/ceremonies-services/preparing-the-celebration-of-a-loved-one/">planning a funeral</a> can be stressful; to put it lightly, there is a lot of ground to cover. Managing all the various components requires a lot of mental strength, organizational skills, and not to mention, plenty of research (which most people lack the necessar…Read More

  4. The Cost of Funeral Programs: What Option is Right For You?

    Once the initial shock of a death has passed, easing into the schematics of a funeral is the next step. Ideally, you will have already planned out the various components - from the coffin to the flowers to the caterer. Funeral programs are yet another component to consider - they may seem small, but they can have a tremendous impact on your guests. They not only serve as a beautiful way to honor t…Read More

  5. Memory Boards & Photo Collages for Funerals

    Funeral memory boards have become popular at a loved one's funeral because it's easy to tell their life story in pictures in one place. To start, you get a sheet of tagboard or cardboard and paint it any color you want. You gather images of the person whose funeral it is and put the pictures on the boards. You can add embellishments, names, frames, or do several boards for chronological life order…Read More

  6. 30 Best Funeral Keepsakes & Mementos On Pinterest & Etsy

    It is becoming more common for people to give out funeral favors and mementos. These are usually either a small trinket to remember someone by, something personalized, or something that is significant to a memory of the person. While it isn't a must for any funeral, it can be a great way to show appreciation for the support of those who took part in the memorial. There are many ideas for funeral f…Read More

  7. Funeral Poems & Memorial Prayers

    Religious Prayers Twenty-Third Psalm Safely Home May You Always Walk In Sunshine I'm Free Life Is But A Stopping Place Irish Blessing I Said A Prayer For You Today The Complete Serenity Prayer Prayers to Saints Prayer Of St. Francis Of Assisi St. Andrew St. Anne St. Anthony St. Augustine St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Saint John Neumann St. Joseph St. Jude St. Michael the Archangel St. Patrick Padre Pio …Read More

  8. 20 Creative & Unique Memorial Service Ideas & Keepsakes

    Having a memorial service is a common and wonderful way to honor the memory of a loved one. As time goes on, people have continued to get more and more creative in their approach of a memorial service. Tailoring a service to represent the unique nature of an individual presents great opportunities for creative nature to be expressed. Because families are changing, memorial services have become mor…Read More

  9. Planning a Funeral Service For Your Loved One

    Few things in life are as hard as experiencing the death of a loved one. We can ready ourselves all we want, but the reality often hits us harder than we ever expected. Nonetheless, don’t dismiss the importance of careful preparation beforehand. Having all your ducks in a row can make the process of planning a funeral at least somewhat more bearable when the time arrives. In this article, we wil…Read More