Was your loved one devout in their faith and requiring a proper tribute after their passing? Our Catholic prayer cards for funerals, also known as memorial mass cards offer spiritual scenes, religious imagery, or holy iconage on one side. The reverse has space for a photograph of your loved one and space for a psalm, verse or poem. Our Catholic funeral cards are meant to be handed out at mass, memorial services, and communions to pay tribute to the dearly departed.

Personalized Holy Blessing & Prayer Keepsakes

Catholic memorial cards are fully customizable with your choice of imagery on the front, a photo of your loved one on the back above their birth and death dates and their favorite verse, psalm or poem. Footprints in the sand is a popular choice for a spiritual tribute. Memorial mass cards are often distributed to the congregation of the dead to ensure they are remembered. Blessings, verses and prayers can only attempt to capture the memory of your loved one.

Are you looking for a celtic design or scene of ireland? We offer irish prayer cards featuring a moss on rocks, a canoe on Lake Killarney, and St. Francis of Assisi. Capture your loved one’s personality and heritage with our high quality color keepsakes. We offer a ideas on how to plan a creative funeral service with unique ideas to truly pay tribute to the departed.

Are you looking for a larger variety of designs at an affordable price? Our selection of funeral and memorial cards offer images to remember spiritual individuals, nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, first responders, and members of the armed forces. You can even use your own image for the front design to make it truly personalized. Call Funeral Prints’ friendly phone staff at 1-800-774-4313 today with free assistance in designing, creating, and ordering the funeral printing services you need today! All orders entered before 3pm EST are shipped out the same day.